Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Raspberry-Pi Internet Cafe

Raspberry-Pi Internet Cafe — Nov 2013 – ongoing

A joint project between Living Systems and Urban Shift. We have started with an exploration of just what are Raspberry-pi? Can we use them to facilitate group learning and team work with children using ‘minecraft-pi‘? And there is a longer range hope – that we will be able to get some ‘pi’ out to a project we are partnering with in Joburg – so that both children who have been orphaned by AIDs and the centre itself (by setting up an internet cafe) will also be able to benefit from the amazingly affordable little computers.
I (Tim) have been inspired by the work of Seymour Papert – a great advocate for children (and adults) learning through ‘purposeful play’. A really interesting and provoking article on using computers with children can be found here. And an article about working with schools – and technology – here.

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